Returning from the abyss

6814934-wallpaper-abyssWell, it has been roughly a gazillion months since I was able to post here. My stubbornness to fix the site problems by myself, as well as some writing contracts caused this to fall by the relative waste-side. It’s not that I was abandoning The Midwest Wing, it is just that the task ahead of me so daunting that it kind of pushed me away. It appears, though, that almost all of the problems are now fixed. While I still can’t create “pretty permalinks” I am really not going to let an inconsequential matter such as that keep me from ramping this back up. There is so very much to talk about…and I haven’t talked about any of it. Read more »

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The Importance of Electoral Education and Voting


(A reflection upon our election…and what the Founding Fathers of our nation thoughts were towards voting and how important it was)

Americans HATE electoral politics. How else can you explain the low turnout year after year and the immense relief that comes on the first Wednesday of November (the day after Election Day)? They are continually bombarded with ads on the television, the radio, in their mailbox and their neighbor’s front yard. Once Election Day passes, they won’t have to worry about being called at night for the sixth time in seven days asking them who they plan to vote for or why they should vote for this candidate over the other. For many, they simply cannot wait until this is over, for life to return to normal. They either don’t plan to vote or they go into the voting booth and check off the most familiar names they see without really thinking about the consequences.

With Congressional approval well below 20 percent one would think that Americans would be energized for change. Perhaps the problem is that they just don’t feel that their votes will matter or they don’t know who or what these candidates really are. Others lament the “dirty politics” of negative ads. The truth though is that negative campaigning has been around almost as long as the nation has existed. Read more »

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The GOP overcame the media

newspaper-418919_640Previously in the series – Why the GOP is losing: Healthcare

So, I had previously started a series (of…one, I know – way to follow through) looking at why the GOP seemed to be losing on the national stage. As we now know, they didn’t actually lose, they won. In fact, in doing so, they overcame some big hurdles including large media. So the look below covers a bit of everything.


The media loves to portray the Republican Party as (insert dumb/racist/sexist/etc here) and frankly that is because the Republican Party is to blame for giving them so much ammunition. The clip below is from the Daily Show (yes, not full-fledged legitimate media but their reach is quite profound) and it provides a classic example.

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Election Day: VOTE!


It is the first Tuesday in November…so that means its time to exercise the most sacred of American rights, the right to vote. If you don’t know where you are supposed to vote, Google has provided you this handy tool.

Head to the polls today as if the future of our nation depends on it…because it does.

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Mental Health: A reader’s personal journey


Following yesterday’s post, I had a reader email me about his personal journey with mental health.

I want to tell you the story of a guy named Luke (not really his name, of course…but let’s call him that). I have little reason to doubt validity of what he shares as the guy had nothing to gain by emailing me. In fact, I greatly appreciate that someone can open up about this thereby allowing a very personal touch to be added to yesterday’s high-level discussion surrounding mental health and mental illness.

Luke’s story illustrates the classic approach to mental health in this country including its failings and successes. I think it is important for everyone to read this as it encapsulates one person dealing with, and attempting to overcome, some pretty heavy stuff.

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